Why us? Serious reasons


Our Values

  • A higher quality, integrity and a "job well done" are paramount before profit, hence driving our business to greater heights
  • Our cleaning team is our greatest asset and training is not a once off. We constantly push our team to bring out the best in them to deliver an outstanding service which in turn gives you the desired result of a great clean!
  • Excellence in customer service is the core foundation of our company. Katharos is here to serve and to provide you with a sevice that is efficient, effective and second to none!

Quality assurance

  • All our sites are regularly audited to ensure we are meeting your expectations. We review the specifications and check to make sure all things are being addressed. We will always go the extra mile for you - every time. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • We believe in ensuring our cleaning team is part of your business. The quality check audits of our sites and the feedback we ask you for are responded to quickly and according to your requirements. Open communication is the key to a happy client!
  • We believe in forming healthy working relationships
  • The difference with Katharos is that we want to and should understand your business.

We understand your priority

  • Being fast paced and long hours, we know that a poor cleaning job is just another hassle you'd have to deal with in your crazy day!

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Client testimonials

We are a private organisation that requires daily cleaning on Monday – Friday. We chose Katharos to do our cleaning and haven’t looked back since. We regularly have other cleaning companies call and ask to give us a “free” quote for our cleaning and I am proud to say we are happy with our service provider and won’t be changing.



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