KCS’s management systems address service implementation and continuity, risk assessment & management and environmental management. Upon induction of a new contract all our staff are provided with detailed job specifications, training in the safe use of equipment, chemical use/storage, manual handling and general safety procedures to ensure their safety. These specifications and safety procedures are always highly detailed and site specific.

The quality systems used by KCS are disciplined in planning thru the regular reviewing, inspecting, auditing and reporting on the quality of the contracts it undertakes. Our goal is to deliver both a safe working environment and a quality cleaning service to all our customers.

KCS has designed cleaning specifications that provide a detailed overview for all areas to be cleaned throughout all venues – no matter the size. This in turn allows our clients to receive a high level of service and eliminates the potential for things to be overlooked.

If for some reason or another any staff member cannot complete their usual daily cleaning tasks, back up and emergency staff are in place in the event that this should occur.

We have behind the scene protocols and working agreements in place for all staff members that must be followed.

“At KCS training is not a once off….”


KCS has vast experience in the cleaning industry and our internal safety systems have been developed with this experience to not only meet, but exceed industry standards and legislative requirements. We ensure that all necessary OH&S systems are established and implemented for each contract to ensure the safety of all our staff, contractors, clients and visitors. Having a service provider that comprehensively meets the current regulatory and legal requirements ensures that all our clients are protected from any unforseen risks and potential exposure to government, legal or public enquiry.

KCS management and senior staff members have undertaken training courses for Chemical Safety, Manual Handling & Senior First Aid. Our Operations Manager has received accreditation for Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety BSB41407.

Any electrical equipment that is used by KCS is regularly audited for safety and is tested/tagged in line with the AS/NZ3760 Aust Standard.

Our staff are trained to use colour coding techniques for mop & buckets and micro-fibre cleaning cloths to promote safety and eliminate cross-contamination.

Onsite cleaning rooms contain current and up to date MSDS folders (less than 5 years old) and charts displaying correct chemical usage, dilution rates and general safety requirements.

Chemical spray bottles are correctly labelled in accordance with OH&S regulations. Training on the safe handling of chemicals is provided to all our staff upon induction whether they are hazardous or non-hazardous.

Chemicals used by KCS are environmentally friendly and 99% are classified non-hazardous according to criteria of Safe Work Australia. Any chemicals that must be used for specialised cleaning that are hazardous are correctly stored, labelled and kept documented in a register at the specific workplace. Adequate training/instructions are given for hazardous chemicals including the use of personal protective equipment as required.

KCS makes positive “green” choices and we have realised that every small change we can make to our cleaning practices will help contribute to a greener, cleaner environment and also to a healthier environment for not only today, but also for the future.


With KCS as your cleaning service provider you can be rest assured that we not only have your cleaning covered but we have you covered too!

KCS operates in full compliance to meet all relevant Australian statutory and legal requirements. Our labour rates are inclusive of all relevant associated employment costs including current work cover policies and public liability insurance.

  • Katharos has full insurance for Business, Trade and public liability with QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited **Policy Number is 141A741699BPK**
  • The policy covers accidental damage which may occur in the course of our work on site
  • The public liability insurance cover is for $20 million dollars